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Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulator

Dorsal root ganglion stimulation (DRG) is an advanced technology that is largely used in chronic pain areas that are more difficult to treat such as limbs, chest, abdomen, back, and groin.

The dorsal root ganglion is a bundle of nerve bodies that lies within the epidural space in a small opening between the vertebra on each side. Each nerve root brings pain signals from specific areas of the body to the spinal cord.

DRG placement involves implantation of wire leads through the skin into the back and using a small electronic device, which may be implanted beneath the skin, to send mild electrical pulses.

Pain is reduced by altering or masking the abnormal pain signals travelling from the dorsal root ganglion to the spinal cord before they reach the brain, where the pain is sensed.  The mild electrical pulses from the DRG themselves are generally not perceptible.

Although the technology is similar to a spinal cord stimulator, DRG is placed closer to the source allowing for more targeted therapy to a focused area of the body.

DRG procedure is considered a minor surgical procedure, which is usually low risk and major complications are rare.

DRG treatment is reversible and the devices can be removed if necessary.

To be assessed as a potential candidate for this procedure at our facility, please obtain a referral from your physician to set an appointment.